Who must be blamed for the political insecure situation in Europe?

Following the Russian-Georgian war in August 2008, Ukraine crisis has emerged as a new test of Western commitment and resolve. There were needless provocations like attempt to turn Ukraine into a “Western society” or draft Georgia into NATO. And from realist approach, Russia had to be responded to decisions- EU or NATO’s absorption of post-Soviet countries – that are not in vital interests of the Kremlin. NATO’s attempts of expansion further into the former Soviet countries are false. But it is also false to think that Russia should have special right to determine the policies and governments of its neighboring countries. It should not be forgotten that Russia has a hand in and is involved in all post-Soviet conflicts.

This inherent fragility only enhances the geopolitical vulnerability of the post-Soviet region and allows Russia to maximize its leverage and consolidate its power and position. Russia is going to build a new iron curtain within the former Soviet space and is embarking on a destabilization campaign targeting the Nordic and Baltic theatres.

What should be done for avoiding the further escalation of the crisis in the case of Ukraine or any other country, which confront the West with Russia? The best choice would be a declaration of Ukraine or any other post-Soviet country as a neutral zone, as it was case of Austria during the Cold War years; or to apply Finlandization policy to the country, which should not be forced to have a choice either NATO or Russian led military organization.

Elnur Ismayilov

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